Find a puppet builder for a custom puppet

Looking for a custom puppet? Here's our Puppet Builder's Directory! Check out these fabulous builders. 

Want to be added to our list? Email laurie@puppetpelts.com with your contact info. 

All Stitched Up Puppets

Sherman, TX, USA
Email: allstitcheduppuppets@gmail.com
Instagram: @allstitcheduppuppets

Bear Hands Puppetry

Memphis, TN, USA
Phone: (901) 864-0687
Instagram: @justinasher78

Penny Benson

Greater Denver area, Colorado
Email: Penny@pennybenson.com
Phone: (603)677-2796

Beth Miller's Puppet Creations

Laredo, TX, USA
Email: bethmillerpuppetcrestions@gmail.com
Instagram: @bethmillerspuppetcreations

David Bizzaro

Tulsa, OK, USA
Email: dabizzaro@gmail.com
Instagram: @davidbizzaro

Bok Choys Puppets

Vacaville, CA, USA
Email: bokchoyspuppets@gmail.com
Instagram: @bokchoyspuppets


Albany, NY, USA
Email: info@bottlerz.com
Instagram: @bottlerz

Borzboy Puppets

Vancouver BC, Canada
Email: borzboypuppets@gmail.com
Instagram: borzboypuppets

Campiwoda Companions

Saint Paul AB, Canada
Email: campiwodacompanions@gmail.com
Instagram: @campiwodacompanions

Chappell Puppets

Raleigh, NC, USA
Email: chris@chappellpuppets.com
Instagram: @chappellpuppets

Chris Barlow Puppets 

Watford, UK
Email: chris@chrisbarlow.me
Phone: 07798 586766
Instagram: @chrisbarlowpuppets

Chris Kendall Puppets

Buckinghamshire, UK
Email: ckpuppets@gmail.com
Instagram: @CKPuppets

Craftwork Design Studio

Orlando, FL, USA
Instagram: @craftworkdesignstudio

The Creature Works Studio

Hamilton, ON, Canada
Email: tom@thecreatureworksstudio.com
Instagram: @creatureworksstudio  

Creventive Puppet Company

Kalamazoo, MI, USA
Email: info@creventive.com
Phone: 312-600-3568
Instagram: @creventive 

DeMan's Workshop

Email: info@demansworkshop.com.au
Phone: +61 423 637 230
Instagram: @demansworkshop


DLUX Puppets

Las Vegas, NV, USA
Email: info@dluxpuppets.com
Phone: 702 550 2905
Instagram: @dluxpuppets

Elmwood Productions

Bristol, CT, USA
Email: jon@elmwoodproductions.com
Instagram: @elmwoodproductions


Matt Ficner Productions

Ottawa, ON, Canada
Email: mattficner@gmail.com
Instagram: @matt_ficner_productions

Fisticuff Puppet Co.

Dallas, TX, USA
Email: fisticuffpuppets@gmail.com
Instagram: @fisticuffpuppetco

Fluff & Stuff Puppets

Alvin, TX, USA
Email: fluffandstuffpuppets21@gmail.com
Instagram: @cjager75

Foaming at the Mouth

Buckeye, AZ, USA
Email: fatmuppets@gmail.com
Instagram: @Kevin.cutler1


Plymouth, UK
Email: contact@furrifingers.co.uk
Phone: +44 1752 500163
Instagram: @furrifingers

Fuzio's Puppets
Poznan, Poland
Email: fuziospuppets@gmail.com
Instagram: @fuziospuppets

Noah Ginex

Chicago, IL, USA
Email: colonelernie@gmail.com
Instagram: @noahginexpuppetco

Glycon Puppets

Email: glyconpuppets@gmail.com
Instagram: @glycon_puppets

Ayat Hamed

Email: ayat.hamed9@gmail.com

Harmonic Handcrafts

Manchester, UK
Email: Victoria-clarie@hotmail.co.uk
Instagram: @the.puppet.pals

Hawkey Studios

Alberta, Canada
Email: hawkeystudios@gmail.com
Phone: 780-700-7724
Instagram: @hawkeystudios

Homeslice Puppetry

Easthampton, MA, USA
Email: Eric.weiss@homeslicepuppetry.com
Phone: 845-499-0655
Instagram: @homeslicepuppetry



Bursa, Turkey
Email: kuklabazatolye@gmail.com
Phone: +90 552 333 28 06
Instagram: @kuklabaz

Jimi Lagattuta

Cary, NC, USA

Paul Lewis

Auckland, New Zealand
Email: lewispuppetz@gmail.com
Phone: +64 2102511475
Instagram: @lewispuppetz

Little Shadow Productions

Brooklyn, NY, USA
Email: JeanMarie@littleshadowproductions.com
Phone: 917-741-6933
Instagram: @lilshadproduc

Live Action Puppets

Grand Rapids MI, USA
Email: pam@liveactionpuppets.com
Instagram: @liveactionspuppets

Spencer Lott

Brooklyn, NY, USA
Email: mr.spencerlott@gmail.com
Phone: 785-766-0070
Instagram: @misterlott


Lille, France
Email: machelune@gmail.com
Phone: +33 636 203 061
Instagram: @machelune

Jess McKay Puppets

Los Angeles, CA, USA
Email: jess.mckay@gmail.com
Instagram: @jessmckaypuppets

Jesse Moore

Evans, Georgia, USA
Email: jesse@westacres.org

My Puppet Pal

Ottawa, ON, Canada
Email: mypuppetpal@outlook.com
Instagram: @mypuppetpal

Mary Nagler

Portland, OR, USA
Email: Mary.nagler@gmail.com
Instagram: @MaryNagler, @MaryNaglerPuppetBuilder, @whorlsofwonder

One Way UK Creative Productions Workshop

Grimsby, UK
Email: info@oneway.com
Phone: 01472 362810
International: +44 (0)1472 362810
Instagram: @cp.workshop

Samuel Santiago Otero

Haines City, FL, USA
Email: otero.santiago@yahoo.com
Instagram: @leumas.ogaitnas

Out of the Box Puppets 

Seabrook, TX, USA
Email: outoftheboxpuppets@gmail.com
Phone: 409-789-4989

La Papetería 

La Guardia, Spain
Email: contacto.lapapeteria@gmail.com
Instagram: @laPapeteria

Play Soup

Stateline, PA, USA
Email: playsoup@gmail.com
Instagram: @playsouppuppets

Possum Woods Puppets

Freeport, OH, USA

Puppet Arts Workshop
(Maker Dave Baker)

Elk Grove, CA, USA
Email: PremiumPuppet@gmail.com

Puppets by Palmieri


New York, NY, USA
Email: chrispalmieri90@gmail.com
Phone: 973-896-7669
Instagram: @puppetsbypalmieri

Puppets Factory

Gubbio, Italy
Email: info.puppetsfactory@gmail.com
Instagram: @puppetsfactory

Puppets Magic Studio Ltd

London, UK
Email: studio@puppetsmagic.co.uk
Phone: +44 (0) 203 285 7405
Instagram: @puppetsmagic

Puppet on the Hand

Elwood, VIC, Australia 
Email: contact@puppetsonthehand.com
Instagram: @puppetonthehand


Columbus, OH, USA
Email: puppetorama04@gmail.com
Instagram: hi_im_langston

Puppet Pie 

Phoenix, AZ, USA
Email: info@puppetpie.com 
Phone: 602 842 9433
Instagram: @puppet pie

The Puppet Workshop

Adelaide, Australia 
Email: contactus@thepuppetworkshop.com
Phone: 0402055747
International +61402055747
Instagram: @thepuppetworkshop

Purlicue Magic

Orlando, FL, USA
Instagram: @purlicuemagic

Hugh Purves

London, England
Email: hugh.purves@hotmail.com
Instagram: @hpmakes

The Rambling Fox 

Melbourne, Australia
Instagram: @theramblingfoxarts

Sebastinao Ricci

Brooklyn, NY, USA
Email: SebastianoRicci613@gmail.com
Instagram: @sebastianoricci

Right Brain Puppetry

Hagerstown, MD, USA
Email: efishell95@yahoo.com

RonDee Productions

Garnet Valley, PA, USA
Email: rondeeprod@gmail.com
Phone: 215-278-9303 (Please leave message.) 
Instagram: @rondeepuppets

Maral Sarehraz

Shahrak-e Gharb, Tehran, Iran
Email: mlsarehraz@yahoo.com 
Instagram: @maralisarehraz

Scheer Brilliance

Email: scheer.c.m@gmail.com
Phone: 631-833-5763
Instagram: @scheer.c.m

Shadow Circus

San Francisco, CA, USA
Email: creaturetheatre@gmail.com
Instagram: @creaturetheatre

Ryne Sorensen

Helena, MT, USA
Email: RynoIfTheEarth@gmail.com
Instagram: @rynooftheearth


Grass Valley, CA, USA
Email: contact@swazzle.com
Phone: 818-243-0771
Instagram: @swazzlepuppetstudio

Up In Arms

Mid-Hudson Valley, NY, USA
Email: upinsarmspuppets@gmail.com
Phone: 917-502-4098
Instagram: @upinarmspuppets


Finger Lakes Region, NY, USA
Instagram: @UzzyWorks

Who Needs Puppets

Fircrest, WA, USA
Email: whoneedspuppets@gmail.com
Phone: 360-464-7202
Instagram: @whoneedspuppets