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  What kind of dye do you use?
We use acid dyes. It might sound scary, but it really isn't. The pigment comes in powdered form. We add citric acid and salt to the dye once it is dissolved. The acid bonds with the dye and then sticks to the fibers of the fabric. The best news? We measure out exactly enough dye in each bath so there is not a lot of dye going down the drain into the water system. Unlike dyes like Rit, this dye is made for nylon. Once the water is clear in the dye bath, the color is done cooking. Presto. Change-o. If you would like more information about our process, just ask. We would love to chat your ear off about the science and chemistry.

  How much is a yard of fleece?
Please see our Colors page for pricing details on our different tiers of fleece

  How do I purchase?
Great question. There are two ways. First, check out our shop to see our current inventory. We carry some of the most requested colors. If you don't see what you are looking for, shoot us an email. Please also please visit our dye process page for more information.

  Do you ship internationally?
Of course. We are up for a good challenge. If you are on some remote island, we will attempt to ship there. The time varies. It takes about two weeks for Australia, and the last order to Italy took a month. Yes, a MONTH. It was crazy. So, if you are flexible, we are too. Please also read the section on duties & fees so you are aware of extra costs with importing the fleece. 

  What are the duties & fees?
If you live outside of the US you might be subject to a tax on your purchase. Please note that buyers are responsible for any and all duties, customs charges and fees that may be incurred during shipment. We will not falsify information on the customs tag, neither contents nor value. Should buyers wish to check the possibility of duty and custom charges prior to shipment, we recommend using

  What if I am not happy with the color?
We try our best to match your vision, but sometimes either through the dye process, or our interpretation of the color, we get it wrong. Should you wish to return your order, please contact us within 7 days of delivery. Buyers are required to return the item(s) in the condition it arrived and are responsible for return shipping costs. Once we have received the returned item, we will issue you a refund for the full purchase price of the item excluding the actual cost of initial shipping.

  My item arrived damaged. Now what?
If the item has been damaged, please contact us within 7 days of delivery. We also ask that you provide us with a photograph of the damaged item and the external packaging materials as it is required for us to submit an insurance claim with the postal service. Depending on the extent of the damage, we may ask for the item to be returned to us at our expense. Once we have received the photograph and/or the returned item, you will receive a full refund, including the full purchase price of the item and original shipping costs.

  What types of payments do you accept?
We accept debit, credit cards and paypal. If you would like to pay by another method, please call us  or email us

  Do you offer wholesale?
Yes. If you want to purchase a large number of pelts (10 yards or more) please send us an email so we can talk about pricing and process.