Hello from Laurie and Cindy!
We are the owners of DEWEY STREET which first opened in Las Vegas in 2013. We are a mother/daughter team who decided to open shop when we noticed the lack of creative spaces in Las Vegas. Fast forward to 2015, and our little shop expanded to include PUPPET PELTS.

Why Puppet Pelts? When Laurie started dabbling in puppet making over 10 years ago, she noticed that it was difficult to dye the fleece in her tiny apartment. (And heaven forbid she use the communal washing machines in the laundry room.) She figured other's might be in the same situation where they want the quality of Antron Fleece, but don't have the space to dye it.

Once Dewey Street was formed, there was now space to store inventory and dye to our heart's content. After years of green hands and the occasional "oops, this isn't the color I was expecting," we decided to sell our pelts to others. This was at the heart of Puppet Pelts for many years. 

Looking to the future, our inventory expanded beyond just dyeing fleece and are the leading shop for puppet supplies of all kinds. We are business run the way we want to be treated as a customer. We are open and forth coming, and legitimately love what we do.