Nylafleece™ Fabric Sample


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White Nylafleece™
Black Nylafleece
Berry Nice Nylafleece™
Bubblegum Nylafleece™
Caranutty  Nylafleece™
Coral Nylafleece™
Dorothy Nylafleece™
Fiona Nylafleece™
Goin' Bananas Nylafleece™
Greenzilla  Nylafleece™
Mac 'n Cheese Nylafleece™
Ocean Splash  Nylafleece™
Pink Champagne  Nylafleece™
Shirley Nylafleece™
Sunshine Day Nylafleece™
Tangerina Nylafleece™
Thelma Nylafleece™

Want to see one of our Nylafleece™ fleece colors in person? This is the place for you. 

These samples are small and are just to give you an idea of the color. They are not large enough for accent features.