White Polyester Fleece DYABLE YARDAGE

Puppet Pelts

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Dyes wit Rit Dyemore Dyes and Disperse Dyes. (For medium to dark colors use Disperse Dyes.)

This polyester fleece is a Puppet Pelt exclusive. It has a single side velour (fuzzy only on one side) and is a great alternative to nylon fleece.

Fleece is sold in increments of 1 yard (36" x 65") and cut in one continuous piece. If you would like to order 2 yards enter 2 in the "Quantity" box above. For example:

36" x 65" = 1
72" x 65" = 2
108" x 65" = 3

Collection: Hand-Dyed Polyester
Weight/Material/Width: 100% polyester, 65"