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Puppet Pelts

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When I started Puppet Pelts seven years ago it was because my favorite part of building a puppet was dyeing the fleece. I knew I wasn't great at making eyes, or creating a super clean mouth line, but fleece always made sense to me. Because the community of puppet builders is so close knit, I've met so many great makers who create fantastic puppet items that I could never produce myself. Over the years we have added those items on our site. When you buy from us, you are supporting many other makers and builders. I wanted to celebrate the range of items that are produced by some of our makers in one box. Thanks for supporting small businesses- Laurie

Foam Starter Head from Busy Hands Studios
3D Printed Eyes
from FurriFingers
Vacuum Form Eyes
from HMS Productions
3D Printed Nose
from Shmideo
Neck Sleeve
from Swazzle
Arm Rods from
WYNOT Productions