Hand Operated Eye Mechanism


$284.45 USD

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These blinking eyes are fully mechanical, hand operated via the pull-down lever, and are mounted on a base plate ready to be fitted into a puppets head!

You can cover the eyelids in fleece/fur to match the puppet project you're working on. Want to make your eyes realistic? Shop our selection of Irises. 

These eyes have been hand designed and printed using ABS filament and polished to a smooth matte finish, on a 3D printer. Each eyelid measures 48mm across and the eye is 44mm.

And, each mech comes with a head pattern as a place to start your build. 


Maker: FurriFingers, Professional Puppet Farmers
Size: 44mm eye, 48mm eyelid
Creation Process: 3D printed using ABS filament
Country of Origin: United Kingdom