Animatronic Blinking Eyes for Puppets or Robotics


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These blinking eyes are fully animatronic and are mounted on a base plate ready to be fitted into a puppets head! Check the photos to see the eyes in action mounted into puppets! 

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The blink is operated using a handheld radio controller, which can be attached to your arm rod. This means that you can get a smooth movement of the eyelids and achieve a half-shut eye look and you can control a slow or fast blink movement.

You can cover the eyelids in fleece/fur to match the puppet project you're working on.

These eyes have been hand designed and printed using ABS filament and polished to a smooth matte finish, on a 3D printer. Each eyelid measures 48mm across and the eye is 42mm. The distance between the pupils is approximately 70mm.

These eyes are electronic and require 4AA batteries to power the servo. There is a small battery box included on an extended cable to house the batteries.

DISCLAIMER: These are professional items an NOT a toy. Please only purchase if you are confident you can operate this mechanism.

Servos are NOT silent, so these mechanisms will make some noise when operated.


Maker: FurriFingers, Professional Puppet Farmers
Size: 42mm eye, 48mm eyelid
Creation Process: 3D printed using ABS filament
Country of Origin: United Kingdom