Puppet Maker's Workshop





Build your own Monster with step-by-step instructions from Adam Kreutinger.

December 26 - December 30, 7pm EST

Puppet Maker's Workshop is your chance to build side-by-side the best. You will be guided through the course during LIVE instruction by puppeteer Adam Kreutinger. He will take you through the process of building your own Monster Puppet. Limited to US residents only for this round. Recommended for ages 17+.

What you will get from this class? 
Puppet Maker's Workshop is a week-long immersive virtual puppet building course. The steps involved in making a professional puppet are intimidating. This course is designed for anyone who has been hesitant to tackle the project alone. Each attendee will receive their own PMW Kit which we will put together over a week of instruction, 2 hours per day for 5 days. During the week, we will cover every aspect of constructing your own fuzzy monster puppet, from head to toe (feet included). During the instruction, attendees will have the opportunity to ask Adam any puppet building or YouTube related questions they might have. The workshop is limited to 16 slots to allow for direct instructor attention for attendees during the workshop. 

Day 1: Pattern Prep and  Pieces Layout
Day 2: Gluing Foam
Day 3: Sewing  
Day 4: Assembly
Day 5: Grooming and Finishing Touches

By the end of the session you will:

  • Have 10 hours of instruction!
  • Have a basic understanding of puppet construction
  • Have a Monster Puppet built
  • Have a tool kit for future builds

No previous experience required!

What's in the box? 

You will design your own character using the PMW Puppet Kit 

Included in each kit is: 

  • A printed Medium Shake Pattern
  • A set of painted dome eyes
  • Shag fur in a surprise color
  • Additional design material (nylon fleece swatches and colored fur swatches)
  • L200 Foam
  • Reticulated Foam
  • Adhesives
  • Scissors and blades
  • Needle and Thread
  • Mouth plates
  • Felt
  • Wire
  • Arm rod kit

Kits will be mailed to you before the start of the workshop. 

Meet your instructor! 

Adam Kreutinger is a teacher, puppeteer, puppet maker, Youtuber, and host of the Puppet Tears Podcast. He has designed and constructed puppets for television, film, and theatrical productions internationally. He designed and constructed puppets for "Kune's Kitchen", a children's television show in New Zealand on TVNZ - Kidzone.

​His puppets have also appeared on Comedy Central and Adam Savage's TESTED. When he is not making puppets for productions, Adam makes weekly videos teaching people how to build and perform their own puppet characters.

For more information on Adam visit 

Adam is NYS certified teacher. 

Laurie and Cindy Nickerson 
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