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Mill dyed Colors

Our most popular colors are now available direct from the mill. Each dye lot is much larger so there is more consistency in color. And, each roll is about 50 yards so you can now order larger pieces without the limitations of our dye vat. 

Core Colors

We've developed a line of primary colors that allow you to build a great range of characters. And, because they are popular colors, we dye them in large amounts so chances are, we have them on hand when you are ready to order.

Premium Colors

We have so many fabulous colors that we can't stop dyeing them! We will be adding to our Premium Color Collection as fast as we can dye up samples. The colors will be worth the wait. 

Custom Colors

Sometimes your project needs an exact color. We can help! Our Custom Colors are $39 per yard, with a minimum order of 5 yards per color. There's also a $90 color set-up fee per color. 

We ask for 3 weeks for custom colors, which allows us to get the hue just right. If you are working under a tight deadline, let us know.

There's a $50 rush for custom colors with less than a 2 week turn around time. 



So you are mounting a show or building large puppets and need a bunch of fleece?
We've got you covered. Shoot us an email to discuss pricing and turn-around times.