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What is it?

Our fleece fleece is made from 12 oz. Nylon and is a wonderfully soft and stretchy material. The nap is much thicker than a polar fleece, which allows for beautiful invisible seams. This is why professional puppet builders perfer it. It is also referred to as Puppet Fleece, Muppet Fleece, and Antron Fleece.

Does it stretch?

It sure does! It has a lot of strech going with the grain (slevage edge to selvage edge.

Does it shrink?

Yes. When the fleece is dyed, it will shrink. All of our cuts are done before we dye it so your final piece will vary in size from color to color and in different dye baths. On average you will lose about 7-10 inches from the length. So, when ordering, please round up.