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Step 1 - The idea.
So you want a custom color of Antron Fleece. Hooray! First thing to do is get specific. Find a Pantone swatch or color decription.
Step 2 - The hello.
Shoot us an email with the color, cut length (up to 9 yards per dye bath) and any deadlines you are working towards. Keep in mind, the fleece shrinks so always round up so you won't be left with bald spots. For more information on Antron, check out Antron Fleece 101. 
 Step 3 - The quote.
We will get back to you with a quote. Generally, fleece is $37 per yard plus a $90 set up fee per color, but if you need it ASAP and we have other orders in the works, there might be a rush charge. 
Step 4 - The dye job.
Once we have your payment we will get to work on your color. Ultimately we would like to have 2 weeks to do custom jobs, but we more than likely will get it to you sooner.  
 Step 5 - The shipping.

Your pelt is then packaged up and mailed to you. Safe travels little buddy. 

If you live outside the U.S. please read our FAQ section on dutys and taxes so there won't be any surprises when your fleece arrives.