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These colors are all dyed in-house at Puppet Pelts. Dye lots change and cannot be replicated. 

Fast Facts: 100% nylon fleece, 14oz weight, commonly referred to as Muppet Skin or Antron Fleece

DISCLAIMER: We are no longer dyeing Nylon Fleece in-house. Besides the issues with consistency, the 14oz Nylon fleece does not hold color and the fabric fades at a higher rate than the 12oz Nylon and Polyester Fleece. We are seeing fading on some mill-dyed and hand-dyed colors. We will continue to stock the Nylon Fleece because of the demand for it, but we cannot offer refunds for issues with quality, consistency, or fading. We want to make our customers aware of the issues with the product and it is at your discretion if you decide to build with it.