White Fuzzelle™ WHOLESALE

Puppet Pelts

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20 yards

Building an army of puppets or mascots? Buy 20 yards of Fuzzelle™ to stock up. This is shipped on a roll and in its own box. 

Dyes with Rit Dyes, Rit Dymore Dyes, and acid dyes.
Fuzzelle is the perfect Pelt for your puppet or mascot. It has properties similar to the original Antron Fleece or Muppet Fleece that was discontinued in 2006. It is modeled after a Malden Mills textile that was used on puppets in the 1970s. It dyes beautifully with Rit or Acid dyes, and is a bit stretchy.


Dyes with: Rit Dye, Rit DyeMore, Acid dyes
Collection: Fuzzelle™
Weight/Material/Width: 100% nylon, 63"