Frog Nylafleece™ 18" x 56"

Puppet Pelts

$16.97 USD

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Please note: This color shifted slightly with the new batch of fleece. It will not match exactly to previously purchased "Frog" fleece. 

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This nylon fleece is also referred to as "Muppet Fleece" or "Antron Fleece." It is used for making professional puppets and mascots. 

Fleece is sold in increments of half yards (18" x 56") and cut in one continuous piece. If you would like to order 1 yard enter 2 in the "Quantity" box. For example:

18" x 56" = 1
36" x 56" = 2
54" x 56" = 3

Finish: Matte
Dye Process:
Collection: Core Color Mill-Dyed
Weight/Material/Width: 13.75oz, Nylon bend, 56"