Fuzzelle and Antron Fleece

What is Fuzzelle™? And where is Antron Fleece?

Laurie Nickerson

"Antron Fleece" is a term that has clung to "puppet skin" for decades, but it actually has been out of production since about 2006. When the Antron company was sold, they stopped production of the fleece and the fibers were discontinued. You can still see it on old puppets, but it is not available for sale currently. 

  • It was super durable because it was made from carpet fibers
  • Thick and dense pile that was able to be trimmed with clippers
  • Sparkly fibers which made it perfect for television puppets
  • Knit backing had a slight two-way stretch

So what is Fuzzelle™? 
Fuzzelle™ is as close as we can get to that retro puppet feel. It is 100% Nylon, made in the USA, and Velcro sticks to it. It won't pill when used a million times and holds it shape when cutting out intricate patterns. 

  • Somewhat stretchy
  • Wiry, rough texture
  • Durable
  • Made in the USA

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