Changing of the guards!

Changing of the guards!

Laurie Nickerson

Cindy is retiring... and we are looking for new owners for Puppet Pelts!

To all our of fabulous builders and friends,

Cindy is hanging up the cutters and apron and is retiring. And, after 10 years of dyeing and sourcing for Puppet Pelts, I've decided to move on to other creative endeavors.

We started Puppet Pelts to provide a place that makes hard-to-find materials accessible to builders of all levels. I feel like we accomplished that goal and we do not want all of our hard work to get lost into the void of time and space. That's where YOU come in. 

We are putting feelers out to see if anyone is interested in buying Puppet Pelts. 

There's a lot of ways this can go, but here's 3 ways we could sell the parts 'n pieces. 


Puppet Pelts as is

- existing website
- existing social media handles
- existing inventory
- vendor list 
- shipping supplies
- shop fixtures and shelving
- dye vat
- dye supplies
- dye recipe collection 

Inventory only

- fleece
- faux fur
- foam
- facial features
- felt
- ultrasuede
- etc. 

Dye Room 

- 60 gallon Dye Vat
- acid dyes
- Rit Powder dyes
- Rit Liquid dyes
- Rit Dyemore Dyes
- Old school washing machine w/o safety lock 


If anyone is waiting in the wings looking for a new opportunity, let's chat. We are open to payment plans to help someone get on their feet. Shoot me an email if you are interested. 


What about the projects you have in the works with us now? 

Our lease is up on our studio space in June. We will be working away until then. You are still able to purchase items from our website, or talk to us about custom colors. 

What about the 10 years of colors we have on file for your characters and shows?

This is the tricky part. Without us knowing if we are going to sell the full business, or just liquidate the assets, I am not able to tell you how to reorder your colors for current characters. If no one is interested in running Puppet Pelts as is, I will be taking all of the recipes with me so you can contact me for the information on your colors. I would be more than happy to pass it along to a new dyer. 

On a more personal note...

(Cue sappy music.) I cannot express my gratitude to the entire puppet community for being a part of this wild ride. We have met some of the greatest people, worked on some really awesome projects, and have tried to provide the best products and the best service we possibly could. Cindy and I might be stepping away from Puppet Pelts but we are not stepping away from the friendships we have made. We appreciate all of you and thank you for the years of trust you had in us.